I remember you...

Yes, fair LJ, I have neglected you. I ventured to Myspace and then got lured to Facebook and now I'm addicted to Twitter. Too many social networking sites and not enough time. I do visit - the communities on your pages are very informative but you have the power of making me write soul bearing essays that I can read retrospectively and cringe at so I have avoided posting.

I just wanted to check in and let you know that all is well. My last post was fairly heavy but the news is now much more optimistic (and maybe it was through faith, maybe it was down to science but it was definitely through believing in something)

I've had good times and bad times and maybe one day I'll share more stories with you. Just not today.

See you soon, LJ (or maybe in a year's time - don't wait up, k?)
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stones taught me to fly...love taught to me to cry...

I'm not sure where to start - this year has been one big roller coaster and at the moment it's on that terrifying journey downwards.

Jaime, my 6 year old niece, was diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this week. She's not been feeling well for a good while now, getting migraines and nausea, but I never allowed myself to think it was because of something so serious. Apparently it's been there for a few years but it's slow growing, which is supposedly a positive. The doctors will be operating on Monday and at the moment she's in hospital, getting all kinds of tests so they can determine what's the best thing to do. There's a bit of concern as it's 7cm long, behind her left ear and around blood vessels and the brain stem. There's a number of complications that could occur.

It's so hard to be positive. My mum keeps going on about having faith in the Lord, which is all fine and good but if the Lord was so fair and just, why is a 6 year old inflicted with a life threatening illness? I know it's all about strength through adversity and I do believe in prayer but it's my mum's answer for everything. How about having some faith in the doctor's actually performing the operation? It's the whole spiritual vs scientific debate, which I don't want to get into, I'm so sick of hearing her say it.

What's even harder is that I'm trying not to think about the worst case scenario but I come home from work and the first thing my mum says is that it's not good and her nurse friend says we'd need a miracle for everything to be okay. WTF?! I'm an optimistic person by nature but hearing that constant negativity makes it really difficult to keep a positive outlook.

Jaime's doing well - being a brave little soldier - and I just can't let myself think that she won't be alright.
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Tomorrow is Friday...

It's been an absolute age since I last updated cause we all know what happens when I post here - all I do is whinge and moan and surprise, tonight is no different. It's highly likely that I will type up a whole entry and just delete it 'cause I'm in that mood. Didn't go to work today - woke up with a migraine threatening so took the appropriate drugs, called work and then went back to sleep for half the day. Spent the rest of the day lying on the couch watching the Gilmore Girls and feeling nauseous (not because of the show...)

Feeling a bit restless atm - I should go to sleep but that would mean moving off my comfy chair here (which isn't all that comfy really...)

Just to be random, here's a list of DVDs I'd like to add to my collection:

Scrubs - season 5
That 70s Show - seasons 5 & 6
Beverly Hills 90210 - season 2

Do I want to get the OC? I have seasons 1 & 2 - do I complete the series???

What other dvds are must have in the collection?

I'd like to become a hermit and spend all day watching dvds with my crocheted blankie...
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ma bitch

Can I get a blah?

I could write a spiel about how blah I feel but I won't. I will complain about the little bumps on my tongue that burn and make it hurt to swallow though. First thing that comes to mind is anemia 'cause I've been like a nanna with my sleep but now I'm rather alert for after 1am. I have been taking iron tablets and I can't say they've made me feel better. Do NOT want to go to the doctors - they're not helpful!!!
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Under a Dublin sky...

Feeling rather hormonal today but don't worry, I won't moan here.

Am thinking I'd like to move to UK/Ireland - I was checking SEEK UK the other day and there were a few HR jobs I'd be suitable for. It's a big move and I'm not designed to live away from my comfort zone but it's a nice dream.

I'm determined to go overseas next year - even though I always get sick when I'm there, I have so many good memories in Dublin and I miss it. Odd.
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*pokes LJ* *LJ pokes back*

Hee hee - a quarter of a year has gone by since my last entry. I'm shocking aren't I? I've kinda been hanging out at myspace (cause it's easier to change your layout there - I'm sorry, I don't get the LJ coding and now that I don't have a paid account, I'm kinda limited...)

So, what have I been up to?

The biggest highlight had to be Westlife in Australia. Yes, it really did happen!

Perth was awesome - front row against the barriers (I wasn't having anything less, even though it meant getting to Challenge at 2pm...), Adelaide was fun, Melbourne was beyond words, Sydney was just about on par with Melbourne and from a seating perspective, Brisbane sucked!

Highlight was flying with Westlife from Adelaide to Melbourne and chatting (albeit briefly) with Nicky by the lugguage carousel *cue pic*

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So many stories and memories - I really have to take the time out to write it all up! I had an awesome time anyway.

I spent 3 weeks in Brisbane for work and I'm pleased to say, I coped quite well. Mich and Marli stayed with me the first weekend (and we saw Take That - cheers Gary for telling me that your bottom was sweaty...) and Em and Kel came up from Sydney for St Patrick's Day. Brisbane, not my favourite place ever but I survived.

I'm now 26 btw - creeping ever so closer to 30. Eek.

Dockers are currently 0-3 - not the best start to the season. It's all upwards from here though (it has to be!)

So yeah, that's the shorthand version of what's been going on. Expect more details soon (or in another 3 months - hey, at least I didn't whinge or cry during this entry *pets LJ* Coming up 3 years here...)
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ma bitch

It's been a while...

So prepare for more tales of woe is me.

It's been an age since I updated - I went to Sydney, saw Westlife and had karaoke fun, survived Christmas and New Year and went back to Sydney on business. Bit of full circle there...

Not much else going on, just feeling a bit low and a bit removed from everyone else. What's new? I'd love to be the popular person who goes out every night and gets a billion comments and texts but that's never going to be me. I built up a wall a long time ago.

I've just had the most reclusive weekend and it's reinforced just how alone I am.

I've also stuffed up my journal layout - yay...
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Went out to dinner at Panchos Mexican Villa Restaurant in East Vic Park - never eat there!

We were booked in for 7pm but half the table were late as some boom gates were stuck and obviously they couldn't access the road they needed to get to the restaurant. We ordered around 7.45pm and were told there was no more chicken (I was looking forward to the cajun chicken breast) - instead I had to order chicken enchiladas (urgh...) So we're waiting for the food, takes about an hour to come out, and the man says "We're a busy restaurant and because you were late, your food was delayed." I'm sorry but I think that's poor customer service. Take the order, make the food - we're paying (and not even getting what we wanted!) I didn't rate the food - it was heavy and not very tasty. We didn't leave a tip (because the service wasn't that great either...) and he said it again. Mate, you're still not getting a tip and I'm making sure everyone knows your restaurant is rather lame!

So yeah, feel pretty urgh - combination of things :(
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Dare ye...

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